2210 Chester Ave. Ste. C
Bakersfield, CA 93301

About Us

In His Light
by Greg Olsen

Perfect Love
by Del Parson

    The Kenneth and Vickie Ricks family of Bakersfield, California entered into ownership of Beehive Books Bakersfield in 2004.  

    Beehive Books Bakersfield is best represented by the lady we adoringly know as "The Queen Bee".  

    She works tirelessly for her customers bringing them the best and the most that she can.  Not only is she a good storeowner but a lover of books and fine LDS art.

    She cares about her customers and is able to give them informed advice about what to read for their individual needs and interests.

    The Queen Bee hopes to spend many more years serving you.  Please, feel free to enter the store and leave life's worries outside.

Thank you for your loving support of this store and for helping it continue to supply the community with LDS supplies of all kinds.
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